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Expanding Into Global Markets

China, Japan, & India...

  • are the 2nd, 3rd, and 7th largest economies respectively

  • comprise 38% of the global population

  • have a hunger for cutting edge, USA-developed products


Here's everything we've built do you don't have to:

  • Importers

  • Customs agents

  • Warehousing and fulfillment

  • Business license

  • Bank and financial systems

  • Content marketers

  • In-country designers and developers

  • Local digital marketing experts

  • Access to local influencers

  • In-country social media experts

  • Digital marketing and paid media experts

  • Local payment processingIn-country

  • SEO experts

  • Access to local e-com sales platforms (ie, the Amazon's of China, India and Japan)

  • Native language customer support

  • Product approvals with government agencies

  • Trademark protection

Contact us today to learn more about Feather Scale's international opportunities!

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