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Private Traffic Networks

  • Imagine a network of over 100 websites & thousands of pages promoting your brand & products...

  • Imagine more than 250,000 websites & affiliates working together to drive traffic & brand awareness...

  • Imagine being able to publish content about health conditions like pain, arthritis, insomnia, depression, anxiety, autism, & cancer without fear of the FDA...

  • Imagine being able to publish your customer's personal experiences with products without fear of the FDA...

With Feather Scale International, you have the opportunity to be one of only a handful of brands promoted through our exclusive content network. 

Our team has done a lot with networks like this in other industries over the years:

  • A current project is generating $300k a day for a health and wellness brand.

  • A men's focused supplement line grew to 500,000 customers within 4 years.

  • An online membership site averaged 150,000 sales per month.

  • For another client, we took their online business to $10M in sales in year 1 and $50M in sales in year 2.

  • For a pet company, we grew customers to over 250,000 in just a little over 3 years.

Contact us today to learn more about Feather Scale's Private Content Affiliate Network!

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